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The Owner Suite works with Individuals and Businesses in various stages of preparedness toward ownership. We provide assessments and resources to best position our clients for the next steps toward reaching their specific goals.

The Owner Suite

The Owner Suite is a Real Estate Concierge based out of Apollo Associates Realty located in the Historic West End neighborhood, Atlanta, Georgia.  The Owner Suite is missioned with promoting home ownership, business ownership and financial literacy through our culture building events, educational tutorials and client consultations.  We pride ourselves on creating partnerships with like-minded community builders who share aligned goals with what we feel is the ultimate measure of success, ownership.  Homeownership is offtimes the only opportunity lower-middle to middle-class families have to build generational wealth.  Ownership builds communities.

Apollo Associates Realty

APOLLO makes the difference! Many hours of training and education are spent by each Apollo Associate and no expense is spared by the company to ensure that the public receives the most professional service in the real estate industry. With a great reputation in the Atlanta metro area for getting the job done, APOLLO knows the neighborhoods, conveniences and services it has to offer and is dedicated to working for you to bring you a satisfactory result.